Wednesday, October 5, 2016

You learn more when you read what you don't like

"I hate those media people, Granny.  They don't know anything.   Billy tells me I should listen to him because he knows what's best."  And I tell my Gracie read everything, cause that's how we learn best in Cloutierville and everywhere there are books and things to read. And here's the reason why it's right and how you can learn most everything, not only what you like.

Now Granny knows no one has the kind of time where they read everything.  So we all are likely just to read the things that we believe.  Or we read those sentences at the top, and think that's all the story. But we learn more when we read more, even if that's little bits every day we can.  And we can read those little bits cause what Granny knows is her babies do just what they want to do, after they do their work.  So we play with games and tv time and don't take time to read.

When big folks just watch tv and play games or talk on the phone, their children see them doin' that, and it's what the children do.  Mommies and daddies are like pictures children love to watch.  They see what their parents do, and that is what they do.  Then they goes to school, and show their friends and laugh and play instead of listening to their teachers.  So they never learn much except what they want, and they don't find out what's goin' on in the world that could help them many ways.

Those media people, well they know what's happenin' around every tree and bush.  But they sees people not readin' anythin' except those sentences up top.  And they know that people readin' only what they want.  So that is what they write for us, just what we want. They make their sentences like what we want to read, and then when we read a little more, well those sentences might not be much like the rest of the story at all.  So when we read another story bout the same thing, then we get more of what is true and a story that's got more.

And sometimes when we read a bit and then read a bit more somewhere else, we find out we is not alone.  There is other people just like us and they get sad or happy too and things they need to know.  We put our brains together, and our babies learn and grow and make new things that keep us healthy and help us know the good and bad so we can sort things out.

Granny was a pecan picker but she read all the time. When she got done cookin', cleanin' and carin' for her babies, she would sit and read.  I didn't have much schoolin' but I found that I could learn and so I's learnin' all the time so I can care for all my babies all around the world.  And Granny needs your help, so she says don't read just what you like to read, read things that you don't like.  You'll learn about more things and from people you don't like, but that's the way to grow and be the helper to The Man Upstairs.

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