Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Not payin' what you owe breaks Rule #8

"Anybody who pays taxes is an idiot," he says.  And Granny wonders how many people think like that and break Rule #8.

Cecil makes his own money sellin' his melons and the things on his farm.  He makes a lot of things, and he goes from door to door so his neighbors get to buy.  He drives on the roads around Cloutierville; and he don't even live here, and goes to Natchitoches to pick up his supplies.  He drives all around these parts and other places too.  And he tells Granny that it's silly stuff to pay taxes, cause the government don't do much and nobody needs to pay them cause they is lazy folk.

"Rule #8 is there for us," I told Cecil today.  But he shakes his head and tells me, "You worked yourself, and don't tell me you paid your taxes on all that pecan pickin' you did."

Now Granny here got really mad cause no one is gonna say that this old lady steals.  Cause not payin' taxes, well that steals from you and me.  He ought to know that Granny would honor #8 just like she tells her babies all around the world.  Cause people in Cloutierville they pays their taxes and knows they should not steal.

We knows the crooks are in the government but some are like this Granny and all my neighbors here.  And Granny knows the children here, well they all go to school.  Cecil drives on roads in Louisiana, and people pay for them.  So everybody needs to pay, at least what's fair for them.  We know sometimes it's hard to tell what's fair and what is not, but we know too that rules are made for everyone, and we been told we gotta follow them, especially them that's been right there from many years ago.

Even them people who win Gold medals in the Olympics, they has to pay taxes on the money they win and even their medals too.  But they pay anyway, while some folks are tryin' to get the laws changed so people who win for their countries like that, might not have to pay those taxes.  Some taxes might not be so fair, but we pays them until we learn we don't have to anymore.

And Cecil says, "Them doctors.  I don't listen to them folk."  So he don't pay his doctor and his bills go on and on.  One day Granny's driving by his house all boarded up, cause the doctor got there first and then the tax man came and took the rest away.  And all because Cecil didn't learn Rule #8.

(Photo, wikimedia commons, The Tax Collector)

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