Saturday, September 10, 2016

Granny's best lesson on what you need most

When I was just a little child a long, long time ago, I walked the paths of Cloutierville each and every day. I saw the flowers blooming, the houses, small and big, smelled the sweetness of the air and felt the beauty everywhere.  And from a life of work and worry, trials, pain and strife, this old woman learned what might make the earth bloom where you are and where your life may be.

Some people live in shacks in deserts far away.  Some families have but little that they own.  People hurt from wars and tribulations, but there's one thing we all have we may not use that makes us different from anything The Man Upstairs has made.  And if we use it, we can find our way to or through almost anything.

With imagination, Poke Salad Granny knows her babies can be anything they want to be, have anything they want and travel to those special places where they dreamed about at times.

For imagination takes us far away from where we are, allows our minds to make new things, create new ways, and even learn about other people and what they do as well.  Our imagination lets us see the unattractive as beautiful and the object that appears to have no use, to have so many ways it can be used, that it makes us happy just to find it so.

An old mayonnaise jar, papered over, with glue to hold it well, and painted lovely colors becomes an attractive vase, a place to put those objects you might lose.  A rubber band holds onto precious objects so they won't slip away.  A piece of cloth, a hem or so, and across the window whispering with the wind the curtain tells the people you are happy there at home, and closed it says you've left awhile or simply gone asleep.

Imagination.  Granny sees her babies, big and small, close up and far away, and with imagination she learns what every person needs to see or hear or read or simply find inside the heart where Granny plants her love.

Imagine love with you, when you are hurting.  Imagine hope with you when you hear a knock upon the door, the door to your good mind and for the day after tomorrow when you will need it most.

(Photo image: By Faviolamartinez - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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