Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cloutierville trying to draft Granny for President of the United States

"Now you folks skeedaddle, " I told that crowd of people from Cloutierville lined up outside my door.  " I don't have time to run for President of the United States, because that's a very small job compared to the one I have to do."

Even John McCain, that Senator from Arizona, is tryin' to get me to run for President.  He's out there in the crowd with a sign,  shoutin' "Please, Granny, you have to help.  I'm up for re-election, and with you on the ticket for President, I can win my Senate seat again."  If that isn't somethin', havin' to win a seat when I got one right here I've had for lots of years, and I don't have to win it over and over like that poor feller does.  Guess he has to keep workin' standin' up if he has no place to sit.

Every four years they do it.  They bring a piece of paper to my house and ask me to sign up.  I keep wonderin' who starts dreamin' up this business 'cause everyone knows that Granny has to be everywhere at once.  And sittin' in that Oval Office isn't like sittin'  in front of my kitchen window and doin' important things like shuckin' oysters and remindin' everyone what's really goin' on.

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