Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pinochet and Bubba lose their jobs after sexually harassing Granny

Sean Pinochet in the fields where Granny was pickin' pecans
I  was pickin' pecans and leanin' over one afternoon, when I saw Sean Pinochet standing there lookin' up my dress.  He said, "You sure got nice, clean underwear, Granny; and I'd like to have a cup of tea and pie with you at your house when you finish your work today."  And I was really mad, cause no man is gonna bother me like that in Cloutierville when I is on the job.

Mr. Pinochet has been in charge of the pecan pickin' in Cloutierville for many, many years.  That feller ain't good lookin', but he's the big boss; and when I told that rascal I would be tellin' all the girls how he looked up my dress and wanted to be cozy, he shook his head and said to me, "I is in charge, and you are just a woman pickin' pecans here.  So I'll look up your dress anytime I want.  And you won't be workin' for me if you don't keep your mouth shut and just be nice to me."

I got right down off that tree and told everyone in town what Mr. Pinochet had done.  Then lots of girls complained.  He had been lookin' up their dresses too and askin' girls for dates for a long time in this town.  And let me tell you, we ain't goin' to take it anymore.  And when the Parish President, Bubba Couty said, "I think you oughta do what Donald Trump suggested and just get another job or not climb up those trees so Mr. Pinochet can see your panties.  And besides Mr. Pinochet put you first in line for pecan pickin' too," I told all the girls, "Well, I won't vote for anyone who don't stick up for me.  And I've been pickin' pecans all my life, and I'll never give that up."

These days old Mr. Pinochet is gone from this here town, cause we don't let fellers like him try to get sexy with the women of Cloutierville.  And as for Bubba, he'll be lookin' for another job after all us girls get together this fall and vote for someone else.

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