Sunday, August 7, 2016

James Corden asks Granny to sing carpool karaoke

James Corden in the car singing with Lewis Hamilton like he did with Michelle Obama and wants to do with Granny
"Granny, we can get lots of attention for Cloutierville if you join in with the rest of our group and sing carpool karaoke."  I hear James Corden's voice on the other end of the phone, and he sounds real excited, but I gotta wonder, is it safe?

Now that Michelle Obama, the President's wife, she sure was funny with James in that car them singin' up loud and strong Beyonce, the kind of music I like. I sees that car on tv just drivin' slow around the White House.  I wonder 'cause other folks have trouble enough keepin' their eyes on the road; and I'd worry if I was there with Michelle and James that folks would be starin' at me, famous like I am, and not be paying attention to drivin'.

The other day old Billy who lives way out in the country where there ain't many cars was drivin' in Shreveport on a very busy road, came off the roads from Natchitoches and lookin' at his phone.  Granny found out he went through that school sign and didn't see our Sue.  Now Sue is only nine years old and loves to run and jump.  But Billy wasn't lookin' and knocked her down with his car.  She's lyin' in her hospital bed and people say she'll be missin' the start of school and might not be walkin' for awhile.

And folks tell me there are more and more accidents like that when people don't keep their eyes on the road when they drive.

So that bein' in that car singin', with James?  Sure 'nuff I'll go cause Mabel's gonna drive, and she drove truck for years and she won't sing a note and always says, "You talk, and I'll drive" when we goes any place. She knows I sure like to talk and sing too. Those old back roads in Cloutierville aren't like the roads in Shreveport anyway, still we will sure drive safe, especially when we needs to get Michelle back to catch the plane to Washington before it gets too late to put her daughters to bed and turn off the lights like Granny reminds her good mamas do.

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