Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Granny's Michael Phelps lesson on what to do when stuck in the mud

Michael Phelps carries the Stars and Stripes at the Olympic Games in Rio, 2016, Army photo by Tim Hipps, Wikimedia Commons
"Granny, I'm glad I listened to you years ago, when I made mistakes.  I was drinking, got arrested for driving under the influence; and I did what you told me to do.  I admitted I did wrong and changed my life.  You told me to swim in another direction, and now I am so happy, I just had to call."

Michael Phelps, I always knew that lad would be a winner.  He swam in the rivers and lakes round here, and we was all so proud.  He brought me posies when he swam way across the lake one day, when the water was dark and muddy the fastest of all the children at the elementary school in Cloutierville.  And our golden boy is now got gold again during the Olympic games in Rio.

Just goes to show you can be down and make mistakes but get back on your feet again and be a champ, just like our Michael Phelps.  He's the tops in the world like I knew he could be again.  Cause it ain't the mistakes you make in life but swimming in another direction when you get stuck in the mud and knowing that you can make it to the other side.

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