Saturday, August 6, 2016

Granny wonders if American people are angry or just sayin'

Angry Americans (wikimedia commons)
I hear them folks on tv sayin' things like "The American people---" then goin' on to say the American people are angry.  And still those same folks say different things bout what we're supposed to be angry about and what we like or don't like, and that makes Granny wonder why folks all talk about the American people as if they knows what we think, when we is all ourselves, and those folks who talk bout us don't even agree about what we think at all.

And what right do they have to speak for us?  In Cloutierville we speak for ourselves and don't need anyone who thinks they speak for us when they likely ain't even been here.  Besides we are all different, and we like it that way.  It was the way Cloutierville started and what made this beautiful place, people with all different ways lovin' each other the way The Man Upstairs has said.  And Granny who has traveled America over and over again knows that the people who live in this country are like Granny's quilt, prettier than anything cause each of the pieces is different.

I heard that feller Bernie Sanders say, "The American people are angry," and I can't say that's the truth.  Granny ain't angry, and neither is Mabel and she and me we is American people.  That feller on tv he don't know Granny, and Mabel said he don't know her either, so why would he say he does.  And other people they say the same thing Sanders says, and they say it over and over, even those English people,  until I gotta wonder if so many people are sayin' it, what's wrong with this old Granny?

And I checked with the mailman Charlie the other day, and I asked him, "Are you the American people?"  And he answered, "All of them?  I'm just one."  And then I asked, "Are you angry?" and he told Granny, "I wasn't 'til you asked, but now I think bout it, well maybe I am.  I'm angry I have to sit here talking and answering these hard questions when I got work to do, and my wife is going to be angry I spent all this time and got home later for supper.  So if you don't mind, can I just move along?"

Well, Charlie he sure sounded angry a bit, which is funny for sure 'cause Charlie he never gets angry with Granny, so maybe he'll start actin' that way if everyone keeps talkin' for him and askin' him if he is angry, especially when he thinks he's got to be like everybody else.

These tv people, they gets us all confused.  And maybe they get us angry by makin' things up bout us when they don't even know us, and what Granny thinks and Mabel thinks and Charlie thinks is different.  And that's the way of Cloutierville, and probably the rest of the world and the rest of America too.

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