Friday, August 5, 2016

Granny turns the tables on customer service folk

Telephone customer service person
"You tellin' me you recordin' this phone call?  And you said you were goin' to be back in a few minutes, and that was half a hour ago?  I got biscuits bakin' and feedin' my family, and you been wastin' my time; and I hear people do that purposefully.  

I been hangin' on this phone most of the day, with these folks keep hangin' up or waitin' and waitin' for someone to talk to me.  The yarn I got in the mail was the wrong color, and I don't have lots of money to waste, and they said I could return it if they didn't get it right.  But every time I call, I get this same old runaround.  So I'm talkin' to this customer service person and lettin' him know what I think and what I'm gonna do.

"My grandbaby is right here recordin' you since you said you were recordin' me.  Ever time I call, I hear you say that, and I gotta wonder why it's all right to record this Granny, when you don't' need to be doin' that if you gonna keep clickin' off or makin' me wait awhile before we even talk.

In Cloutierville, the people they pick up the phone, and say hello so I hears their voice right off.  I don't get no machine.  I get Bertha or Alice or Mike down the way.  If they can't talk to Granny, they just say,  'Excuse me, we are busy now.  I'll call you right back, Granny.' and that's just what they do.  And what's this you recordin' phone calls with me anyway.  Do you think I is some crook?  Maybe you is the one that folks just can't trust, cause I keep callin' up and still have the wrong yarn, and you done got my money; and you don't give it back.  And I keep waitin' for someone to help me, and you just keep my money.  That ain't fair.

The other day I learned from Mabel who was readin' the paper that someone said you fellers do this all the time.  Well, you ain't doin' this without my keepin' tabs on  you like you think you is keepin' tabs on me.   And when enough of us get this evidence, you'll sure enough learn that customers, they do matter; and we have the signs already to be marchin' with our protests right in front of your store in Natchitoches if you don't stop this nonsense foolishness right now.

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