Sunday, August 28, 2016

Granny speaks up for abused children and asks you for your help

"This sweet angel was looking forward to celebrating her birthday.  So that's what we're going to do.  Please bring bubbles that we will be sending to Heaven." Bonnie brought me somethin' from a place called Facebook, I need to share with you about a lovely child named Victoria who died so awfully it makes this old heart break, but there are things we all can do to stop these terrible things.
Every day a small child dies.  And every day I weep.   Children beaten, hurt and killed.  Children die in war.  And little ones get sick from workin' in the dust, from diseases we could cure.  This Granny sees a world of love and one that's filled with pain.  It's only we can change things so babies just have love, and Granny has a plan.

The plan begins with you and me.  We see and turn away.  We hear the sounds of hurtin' and we run and hide from them.  It's hard to know the children sufferin', and often what we do is simply say there's nothin' we can do, even if there is.

Victoria was hurt and killed, and people say the folks who did it was her mommy and her friends.  It reminds me of a little girl in Cloutierville named Jenny for whom the whole town gave new life, the kind that comes from caring, that other folks can do to help another child.

In Cloutierville, the town where Granny lives, there lived a little girl like Victoria who was in a family that were strangers to our town.  For people who live out their lives in Cloutierville, they know right and wrong, cause the paths we walk here lead to good and we walk them every day. These bad folks did not and beat Jenny so much neighbors they all heard.  They did not turn away and hide; they called our sheriff while they kept watch themselves.  The sheriff came and hauled the mom and dad away, and Jenny she stayed in Cloutierville with people who could love.

Jenny grew up and went to school, then came back one fine day and showed what Cloutierville had done that made the town so proud.  She said the love from everyone, who looked at her as if she were the prettiest on this earth made her feel so special that the pain of life it left.  The learning she got made her know she could help folks too.

Every place there is a child, one that has no home or one who needs our love, the kind that anyone can give.  A gift, a book, a hand to hold, some money and a prayer, we all have something we can give to every child in need.

(photo, Wikimedia commons, Exploitation enfants Angleterre)

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