Friday, August 12, 2016

Granny speaks of love's dance and Huntington's Disease

Huntington's Disease, image of Marjorie Guthrie's lecture by Joseph Martin
I watched them through the open window.  The curtains was pulled back, and I could see they was dancin.  He held her close as she stumbled, and this old Granny was weepin', thinking bout the love he had for her, even though her mind was far away and her body almost fallin' down with Huntington's Disease.  And I'm so proud of him, the greatest husband in the world.

I remember seein' them when they was very young.  They walked the streets of Cloutierville and everywhere they lived, and everybody smiled cause they both so happy then.  And here they is still dancin' in their house that Gordon made, with the lamp shinin' through that open window and the lovin' Granny sees.

So many fellers seem to want that pretty woman they married always stayin' just that way. And if their wife don't stay good-lookin', they go find someone else.  I sees folks like this all the time, at the grocery store, on the street, at church, not holdin' hands nor nothin'.  That ain't love, and it sure ain't Gordon's way, cause he still loves his Belle no matter how she's changed.

What I see through those curtains is somethin' special as can be,  that I just have to tell you folks.  For love it cuts through sadness and is stronger than most anything, when a man loves like my Gordon does when his honey's mind is almost gone and her body near gone too.

I watch that dancin', and I think The Man Upstairs is watchin' and smilin' just like me right now at Gordon and his Belle and maybe He has tears as well, thinkin' how the world He made is beautiful for sure when there's a man who loves his wife the way it ought to be.


  1. So very nice, thank you for this.

  2. Granny loves good men like you, Kevin and will always let the world see the light that love can bring.