Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Granny says 'No shame being adopted'

Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil photo of Simone Biles
"Wish I was like everybody else!  Why did I have to be adopted?' And Granny says, "The best in the world can come from people who births you in their hearts and maybe not their tummies.  Some person you will love so much will be the one you choose. "

"When Granny was a young woman she fell in love with Elmer.   And from this home the family it grew big and now this place in Cloutierville it is all over the world.  When Elmer died those years ago, this Granny, well she cried; but she knew the love she had for him would always be alive."

"On television a little girl named Simone Biles makes Granny proud.  And more than that her Mommy and Daddy who raised her up to love The Man Upstairs.  A home they made for a little girl who had nowhere to go and had no one to love her in the way this Mommy and Daddy did, that didn't have to.  They was gettin' old but makin' a home for Simone was what they really wanted to do, and that's the difference for children like Simone and for little Beth who thinks that she is different and feels sad about it too.  It isn't nothin' to be sad about when love comes in your life."

Beth climbs upon Granny's lap, her eyes now shinin' bright.  "Oh, Granny and you chose me too and everybody else.  I want to grow up just like that, and maybe I will choose a baby too like someone chose me and Simone, even if I get a tummy child or more.  Cause now I know that love and family comes in many ways."

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