Monday, August 8, 2016

Beauxregard tells Granny Cloutierville election rigged like US one

Alonzo Cornell cartoon of politicians, like Beauxregard in Cloutierville
 "If you are voting in the Cloutierville election for the Parish Board and all, you better be careful.  The election is sure to be rigged."  Beauxregard called Granny this morning tellin' me he knows this for a fact, and that the leaders of Cloutierville want to keep things as they is and aren't goin' to allow folks to vote for some outsider, like Mr. Beauxregard.

Now Beauxregard, everyone knows, is what I would call a fishy kind of guy.  He works on a shrimp boat in Grand Isle and comes around here ever so often cause he has a little shack where he sits around and whittles on a stick.  He says his shrimpin' and his whittlin' prove he's the kind who can run our Cloutierville, that both take lots of talent and courage, like Beauxegard says he has.  After all, runnin' a shrimp boat, even if it's tied to the dock and other guys go out in the ocean to actually catch the shrimp, Bouregard says is hard, hard work, sittin' out in the sun and givin' orders..  And for whittlin', he's gotta handle a knife real good to cut out sticks for fishin' poles, which he says means he can take care of dangerous things like keepin' alligators out of Cloutierville and makin' sure the children don't cross the street while the bus is movin' by.  At least that's what he says.

"How is things bein' rigged?" I asks.  And Beauxregard he mumbles, "You know, well I just know things.  Like my friend, Donald Trump, says about the Presidential election.  "You can't trust those election officials even though they finished Cloutierville High School, a big education don't make you smart like me."

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