Saturday, August 27, 2016

Bein' alone ain't right when there is love to share

"Hey, Mabel, let's go to Natchitoches and visit with those uptown folks.  You need to be gettin' out.  I think that candy ain't so good for you.  And Granny knows that sweet things and bein' alone, they often go together.  And that's how Mabel's business may be hers but in some ways it is mine.

Mabel spends a lotta time alone, and I tells her that ain't good.  She's been puttin' on the pounds, and her diabetes is gettin' worse.  I been thinkin' it's the candy and her not gettin' out, cause when you don't be doin' much, you probably eatin' more.  Granny sees that all the time and knows that Mabel needs some friends who care that she's all right.  Cause when we care for others, well they turn round care for you.  Let me tell you how that works.

When we go to Natchitoches we walk around with friends.  We like to go to WalMart when it's rainin' or too hot outside.  But most days it is pretty when the flowers are all bloomin' like they do around the houses.  And around Cane River there is lots and lots to see, so we just walk and talk about what ladies often do.

Those sweet things we eaten ain't so good when we gets old and gets some sicknesses like Mabel has and shouldn't have so much.  Granny knows her friend has to have the sugar but can't be havin' much and gettin' out and walkin' or singin' hymns and old-time songs on the back porch on Friday night might keep her from eatin' so much candy cause bein' alone ain't good for anyone.

And Granny knows it ain't always Mabel's fault that she's not gettin' out.  Sometimes nobody asks.  It's time to tell the Cloutierville folk, cause they all know Mabel and probably didn't know she spends so much time alone.  Cause none of us want her to get sicker or feel sadder all the time.

Now go call Mabel or someone else that's alone today and tell 'em Granny sent you.  Cause no one oughta be alone when love is there to share.

(Photo of folks dancing in the street, international festival, Natchitoches, Louisiana, 2010, by Carol Forsloff)

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