Saturday, August 13, 2016

'Ain't seen water so bad,' Granny says of Louisiana, world rainfall

Storm in Louisiana 2016
"Granny, we are leaving the house and taking whatever we can with us.  But Jonah, my friend in New Orleans won't leave.  He says he's seen rain before, and he thinks he and his family will get through okay.  I hope he'll listen to you." And Granny is gettin' calls from everywhere cause she ain't never seen rain so bad.

My Robert he lives there near Baton Rouge and it's rainin' bad round there.  Governor John Bel Edwards took me up in his plane so I could see how awful it is.  He asked me to tell folks to get out of there and get off the roads too, cause the rain can take the cars away  so fast there wouldn't be nothin' anyone could do to stop them.  The weather man just called me and said it's gonna be awhile before it stops rainin' so folks gotta be careful and go to places where the Governor Edwards says where they can stay on tv, radio and newspapers.

In New Orleans where that Hurricane Katrina caused all that trouble years ago, the police are sayin', "This is a particularly dangerous situation.  Seek higher ground now."  And Jonah lives in New Orleans, and that feller ought to know.  Still some people think they know what's best.  But when the Governor says to get movin', that's when this Granny says to listen to that man cause he knows what is best around in the place where he's in charge.

Even here in Cloutierville, folks say we oughta be careful, at least until tomorrow and not be like Cecil is and not do what we is told.

It ain't just Louisiana that's gettin' all that water.  Those dagnabbit newspaper people they don't have much to say bout people everywhere and the trouble they have too, cause Granny's world is just as big as The Man Upstairs.  And it's like that for everyone, cause when we walk this earth it's like we's holdin' hands.  So when people hurt in Europe or somewhere else in the world, Granny understands and wants her family wherever they are to pray or just to care like the good neighbors of Cloutierville for the lives of everyone.  It's been rainin' hard in Europe for a long time now, so people had to leave their houses and many people lost their houses and many people died.

I know bout pecan pickin' and so I been watchin' weather all my life.  When this Granny looks at trees and plants and listens to the birds, she knows she has to listen to the people who know best. That sometimes means the science people who listen other ways and give what they know what's goin' on to folks like you and me.  Now The Man Upstairs He knows what's goin' on and even what we do that isn't good for the earth He made.  Every day He whispers in my ear, as He whispers too in yours.  And you might think He's one thing, and Granny thinks another; but we's in charge of keepin' things that were made for you and me as pretty as we can and not to make things so bad ourselves that the rains and storms get worse.

Pardon me a minute.  I gotta make the call.  Cause Jonah is a stubborn man and he needs Granny now.

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