Saturday, July 23, 2016

What everyone can learn from Granny's Jack, the friendliest cat in Cloutierville

Granny's Jack just lying by the door to open so he can welcome folk
There he is watching the postman come up the walk here in Cloutierville and waggin' his tail again.  Jack he done loves everyone and knows the neighbors well. For Jack the cat there is no strangers, It's the start of something wonderful from the friendliest cat in this here town that everyone should know.

When someone comes to call on me, Jack is always at the door.  He says his hellos by goin' around and around, then sitting down right in front of where the person is sittin' or standin' to make sure that he done gets noticed and to welcome folks as well.

A stranger comes in this house, and Jack he waits a spell.  But it don't take long for that tail to wag and for the stranger to feel welcome and find himself a friend.

Now Jack he first learned lovin' when he was just a kitten.  He was born under a house, and his Mama had died and all of his brothers and sisters did too.  A dog named Bowser then found my Jack,  a-cryin' just so hard and soundin' scared.  Then Bowser he comes a-runnin' down the road and barks right at my door  So I follows him and there I found that little Jack of mine.  I got the boy next door to crawl under the house and pull Jack out so I could take him home.

Well that first night I walked the floor and told poor Jack I loved him so and not to worry none.  I gets this little cotton rag and wet it with some milk that Jack could suck away until he became big enough to eat the food that Granny made for him.  And I told him every, single day that he was special loved, that his Mama cat, well she was gone but thinkin' of him still.  In many ways I think Jack believes he just might be a dog because he loves old Bowser every time he comes around.  And that's how Jack grew up so full of love for all the animals in this town, instead of just some cats.

Now I could get scared some stranger just might take my Jack or that he might leave one day when my door is open and run away and hide.  But if I worry, Jack will too; and so will everyone.  And gettin' scared don't teach that cat what love is all about.  Cause trustin' that's important, and bein' smart is too.  So I watch the cat and teaches him by lovin' him right here, so he will always come on back to where he knows he's loved.  But most of all I want him to be free to be the cat I know, one that cares for everyone like Granny does and like The Man Upstairs.

I picks him up and brushes him and cuddles him a bit.  And he climbs upon my window sill and greets the day again, as the postman comes upon the porch with Bowser right behind, a friend so very different than Jack but one he'll always love, that saved his life and taught him what everyone should know.  For in life there are no strangers when you need a friend the most, a lesson Granny says to learn from her sweet Jack, the friendliest cat in Cloutierville, who knows Rule #1 better than anyone else.

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