Sunday, July 24, 2016

Preachin', pancakes and politics don't mix in Granny's kitchen

The pans in Granny's kitchen
Well, Preacher Joe he stopped by this mornin' lookin' for some of Granny's pancakes, but he done learned what other folk have, and that's preachin' , pancakes and politics don't mix in this here kitchen.

"Hey Granny, you make the best pancakes here in Cloutierville; and I said to myself I gotta get myself down there to your kitchen with my great, big appetite." Then Preacher Joe climbed up on my back stairs with a big smile on his face, like I was just a-waitin' for what he had to say.

"Now Preacher Joe, you got an appetite for sure," I says, and what I didn't tell that feller is what I was thinkin' then.  He's got a lot more than a big appetite, with his big mouth always flappin' about himself and all.  And more to say to The Man Upstairs that don't mix with Granny's pancakes or what she's all about.

But I stir up some of my pancakes, hopin' he don't get me riled up with his politics, cause he thinks he can tell me who's right to run this town and that it's business for the church.

"Before I eat your pancakes, Granny, how's about a prayer."  Well Granny she sure loves them prayers, but not the ones like Preacher Joe's.  But here he goes with what he says that makes me wonderin' if I ought to interrupt him or if The Man Upstairs is thinkin' what I am and not listenin' to Preacher Joe when he's talkin politics.  'Cause there are folks that have important needs that need serious attention.  Granny knows when that preacher comes he always talks about his politics and what he wants and condeming other people and not about who is sick or hungry or who has a hurtin' heart. But I says to Preacher Joe, "Sure, Granny will wait to finish fixin' those pancakes so you can do your prayer," and then I bows my head.

Then Preacher Joe he does his prayer, and this is what he says, "Oh, Father God, now you know I'm  Preacher Joe, and here's what I want.  I hope you're listening especially since you know that I got rank, with the title of preacher I gave myself last year when I needed money fast and told people you wanted me to be preachin' like I've been doing around town.   Now I need your help about the election coming up.  I want you to fix it so Ben Moreaux don't win the election to the Parish board on Monday night.  You know why, Father God?  Because I'm runnin' for that position, and you know I deserve it more.  And Granny here, well she's listening to me, and I'm sure that she agrees.  So bless us, now, and listen close because I want to eat those pancakes and don't want to take up so much time with this talking to you that they get too cold to eat.  Just promise me, you'll fix it that Ben loses so I can get paid that extra amount to use for bingo on Saturday nights, and then I can go to church on Sunday and give you a little of what I win.  Now that's fair, I think, don't you?  I'm saying amen cause I'm hungry now.  But thank you in advance."  Then he looks at me and asks, "I'm lookin' now to eat."

And I says to Joe, " I'm lookin' now to toss those pancakes in the plate I got right by this stove and take them down to Mabel's house where there are hungry folk.  Cause The Man Upstairs he's got work to do and the thanking you been doin' is surely not enough for all he has to contend with, and I'm busy now myself.  So skeedaddle down my back steps, and don't come back 'til you learn that your preachin' with your politics don't get you pancakes here."

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  1. Excellent Carol. Very witty humor and wisdom all wrapped up together. Glad I followed your thread. Joan had trouble with her breathing as well and we had to wait almost a year for her to sing her parts on "Only One More Night". Sorry you are having those type of issues. Best of luck to you.