Wednesday, July 27, 2016

It's a wonderful life. Don't make it Trumpsville.

Donald Trump as Mr. Potter in Its a Wonderful Life (orig of Trump from Wikimedia Commons)
So I went down to the Cloutierville Savings and Loan the other day and wondered what was goin' on.  I sees Mr. Bailey lookin' all worried and all and I asks him, "It's a wonderful life here in Cloutierville, how comes you look so glum?"

And poor George he looks up with great big tears in his eyes and says.  "Everybody could lose their life savings, including me if this rich man ends up with the Savings and Loan and then takes over the town.  I'm worried what's going to happen to us all if he does because this bank might turn into a casino and our houses into shacks. "

I feel so bad for George Bailey 'cause he helped Granny buy her little house and a lot of other people too.

So I says, "Now dry your tears.  I got savin's from pecan pickin', and my friends they got some too.  And I got an angel who needs some wings, and he might help your friends save this little town and the Cloutierville Savings and Loan.  You won't have to wait 'til Christmas, cause November's soon enough. "

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