Monday, July 25, 2016

Granny won't speak at Hillary's Democratic Convention

Hillary Clinton, candidate for President of the United States
Hillary Clinton just called, and there's been such a fuss about Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and it's an email thing again.  All this email business gets Granny tired,  but that child is so upset, I said I'd have a listen. Bein' in charge and sortin' things out, well there's too much in the rest of the world I gotta do right now than worryin' about emails.  But I said I'd spend some time on the phone with her since that child needs someone to talk real plain, especially today.

"Oh, Granny, every day there's something.  I just don't know why things happen all the time to me.  I try and try and try to be good, but they still don't like me now.  I tell them over and over again I do the best I can, but I just can't get anyone to understand.  If you could come and speak for me, people would listen to you; and that would really help."  She's cryin' now, and Granny thinks that might be what she needs.

"Well, Hillary, it's like this," I said, "You know when you was a little girl and playin' round this house and see somebody slip and fall, I'd ask you bout all that.  And you'd say, you didn't see nothin' even though your friends were gettin' hurt on the rocks out in the field.  Granny asked you many times, but you kept sayin' it weren't your fault when you was standin' there.  You used big words, and you is smart; and Granny knows your heart.  But when you don't talk up and plain some folks will think you lie.  And sometimes, well I knows you fib cause you think that when you do that you can just go skippin' by.  Maybe you tells the truth a lot, but one lie leads to another, and then people start not trustin' you.  I told you that when you was sittin' on my knee so many years ago."

"Granny, if you could straighten things out for me, I'd sure be happy now.  Because my party starts today, I don't want people to go home and not have a good time.  You know I want this great big job, and it's important now. "

And Granny knows she needs to be stern cause it's Hillary's most important time, "You listen to this Granny, cause you knows I love all my babies no matter what they did or didn't do and even when the rest of the world says they won't be your friend.  It's time to look inside your heart and just speak up and plain.  Look at people in their eyes, and tell those folks the truth.  So many times you fibbed to me and other people too.  That makes people wonder if you ever can be true to them or even to yourself."

"Now dry your eyes and think about those lessons long ago here in Cloutierville.  I can't go makin' excuses now, and I can't be in charge cause there's lots of business needin' Granny now, big trouble in the world.  Just remember what I taught you all those rules that politicians think they can break, and people won't find out.  One day they will, and then you have to face it down.  It's now the time to do that, and I'll be prayin' that you do.  I can't be speakin' on your behalf; it's time to do that for yourself.

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  1. Granny you are so smart. And so is Hillary and she will show the world she is strong and has learned from her mistakes. You keep being there for her when needed though..and for the rest of us too.