Friday, July 22, 2016

Granny tells her Donald Trump what makes Cloutierville great

Main street of Cloutierville
Granny called little Donald Trump this morning, and this is what I said, "I like to listen to the radio, cause old Franklin he talked just like he was one of the family, but last night Donald I got worried since you is one of the family here, and I wants to make sure you know what makes Cloutierville great 'cause I think you done forgot.

"Cloutierville is a very old town, " as I reminded little Donald Trump his history right here.  "People came from many places to be the neighbors, up and down the river and around the countryside.  They built houses, some still old and standing up.  Some made mistakes, for sure, that made their neighbors weep and cry and feel real bad sometimes.  But then one day, Granny she started her remindin' to tell these folks just what it means to be a family and how to get along.  And I gots to do it again right now cause people like you, well then done forgot."

"And it's time you learned it too, young man, if you wants to lead all the places in the good ol' USA.  Cause I've been worried about you talkin' like you don't remember what Granny taught you, what your teachers taught you, and what this little town represents to the people everywhere."

"For Cloutierville belongs to everyone since everyone came from here, or at least some member of their family did, and their spirits is here one way or the other.  Their people came and went, moved on, and left, but kept the footprints of themselves so Granny could remember.  And Granny she remembers 'cause she is very old."

"For Granny knows The Man Upstairs, well he sees everythin' and he tells us all we belong in just one family, that we was created by His Hand and He loves everyone.  He taught me that and asked me to remind his folks as much as Granny can.  And He knows people call Him by many different names, so He said to me so long ago, The Man Upstairs is all we need to say to remind each other who we are and the message in our hearts.  That's 'cause even though some folks don't believe, they do believe in doin' good 'cause that's always been right here."

"Now are you listenin', Donald?  Cause when all you do is talk about yourself, well you don't remember what makes Cloutierville great and why you should be proud of it and proud of all of us.
You are related to everyone, from everywhere right now.  They is black and brown and gold and red and pink and all the colors that children made with their crayons and loved when they would draw.  They is polite and kind and talk to everyone just like real family.  The children play; the families love, and they don't judge anyone.  Cause when they do this Granny here reminds them who does the judgin' and that we all done make mistakes.  The Man Upstairs, well He's the one who speaks to us over and over and over again and will always be remindin' and lovin' everyone, including the people who loves the people everywhere and everything that grows.  And you just gotta remember, that's always Rule #1."

"We don't build walls in Cloutierville to keep our neighbors out.  We don't carry guns around, except to hunt our meat.  We don't brag about ourselves but let the folks find out who we is by knowing us and loving what we do."

"Now I wants you to remember what you learned in Cloutierville, for it is still in the USA and all around the world.  They is bad people, and good people, and always there might be.  And maybe The Man Upstairs may have to shake a fist once in awhile to folks  so they pays attention.  But most of all, I'm tellin' you, if you don't believe in Cloutierville, then you have lost your way.  But Granny she will love you, since it's love that always wins.  And that's the kind of winning everyone wants from Cloutierville.  And that's the kind of winnin' that you is needin' too."

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