Thursday, July 14, 2016

Granny: "Shake the apple tree"

The apple tree outside Granny's window
"You're really missing out, Granny."  Jenny tells me this every time she comes over to visit.  "If you don't have an Apple, how are you going to keep up with things?  You're on Facebook, so I think you need to get with the rest of the world and get a tablet so you can be 24/7 like the rest of us."

Well, you see, when I was young we climbed the apple trees, and we could see all over.  Now when I climb, 'cause all that work pickin' pecans kept these old bones goin', I see all over the world.  There's somethin' 'bout growin' older that gives the mind and heart a chance to grow stronger.  Never forget that, Jenny, for that will help you most.

Granny doesn't need those gadgets to see how her babies is doin'.  I got eyes in the back of my head and I hear every sound that goes by.
I keeps tellin' Jenny, but she goes talkin' over and over how I gotta learn to do things the modern way. Poor Jenny, maybe she's the one  missing out while she keeps her head down looking at those contraptions and never climbs trees anymore..

I was ridin' on the bus the other day, and these young folks were sittin' and staring at those dagged gum contraptions as if they were all dead asleep.  I was standin' up, hangin' onto this little strap wrapped around a pole, like a bunch of other old folks were doin'.  Then the bus stopped sharp and poor Auntie Dorothy couldn't hold on, and she fell down hard, on the floor of the bus and the people didn't pay her no mind.  Those young folks just kept on a starin' at those gadgets of theirs, while they never seen the what it said just above their silly heads to give old folks a place to sit down.

Now Granny don't mind people readin' away and watching those picture shows on those things they hold in their laps.  But it's like that old apple tree where you gotta watch what is goin' on or you miss the good things and bad.  And you gotta shake the apple tree once in awhile and watch how the apples may fall.  Some fall on the ground and hit folks on their heads.  Other apples just lay there, lookin' tasty and good so's them folks picks them up when they's hungry.  When we keep our eyes lookin' around at those apples, well we see who needs food and who will get hit in the head.

I'd rather be climbing an old apple tree where my dear Elmer once carved our names and see everyone that I love and watch out for the good and the bad, 'stead of putting then shake that old tree when I know where the folks are hungry 'cause that's what them apples are for.  

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