Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Argue politics? Tossin' mud, won't get you Granny's pie

Pecan pie for dessert for people who don't throw mud.
"Get in here!  You heard me, I said get in this house.  I taught you better than that, you slingin' mud and talkin' bad bout folks.  Now get in this house and wash yourselves, or you ain't gettin' dinner, cause in Cloutierville we don't talk bad bout people and toss mud on them cause we end up gettin' dirty too."

All of them varmints whose runnin' these parties they call conventions,  and folks who argue politics, well Lord a-mercy they bother this old heart and the people they done talkin around they all got stuff to say.  But in Cloutierville we don't talk bad bout folks and just talk bout bad manners.  It's the manners that's bad, not people we hurt and may not know and Rule #9 is for that.  In fact it's so important it was even written down a long, long time ago.  It's gossipin' that makes The Man Upstairs real sad, this Granny knows

And what I thinks is silly, when folks wag their tongues to keep them movin' when they got nothin' good to say and they could be chewin' on pecan pie and somethin' sweet like that.  Instead they make mud pies and try to make people believe that's good, and lots of Granny's babies well they is smarter than all that.

People throwin' mud around will be eatin' it for dinner.  But the children in Granny's house who ain't been playin' in that ugly stuff, they's  gonna be eatin' Granny's fried chicken and dumplings and for sure they'll get dessert cause there's a whole lotta difference in thinkin' you're smart and havin' fun if all you get is mud.

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