Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Cloutierville lesson on stealing another child's work

Dunce cap when you don't learn your lessons and try to cheat
"Melania?  This is Granny.  Now you know who this is, and don't try to hide behind Donald again 'cause I needs to be talkin' to you.  Remember pretty is as pretty does.  And just maybe you got help and maybe you didn't, but the lesson's important the same.

Melania sure grew up to be one pretty lady, but there's somethin' teachers in Cloutierville tell their students and that's not to cheat on lessons.  So Melania needs to learn again what it means to copy someone else whether she got help or not.

Michelle Obama was one of the smartest kids in Cloutierville, and the teachers had to sit her in the front of the room so nobody could copy from her without the teacher seeing.  This time it happened so fast and secret like, nobody knew until Melania got up on that stage and started recitin' that speech of Michelle's.  And that was bad but not as bad as Donald did tellin' people that little Barack weren't born in the USA. when Granny visited his Mommy and saw that baby boy.  Then Donald told people Melania had a degree in architecture, and he knew that weren't true.  Granny says if you tellin' fibs to get attention, or take something that don't belong to you, and think you're foolin' folk, you're never foolin' Granny.

"And someone helped you, you sayin'?  Well, first you said you wrote it yourself.  Now what is it?  No matter who helped you or didn't, you said it and said you wrote it, and what would a teacher say?

"When you get to Cloutierville, you going down to the schoolhouse and talk with Miss Fannie Bell," I tells Melania today. " I said to Miss Bell, Melania needs to come back to Cloutierville and learn what happens to little girls who takes another student's lessons.  And you better bring Donald too 'cause he needs to hear Miss Bell too.  Then just maybe he's the one who really needs the lesson the most."

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