Monday, November 23, 2015

Granny comforts Susie in a world of fallen trees

Bombing in Syria's civil war
I could hear her cryin' in the other room.  She was under the covers just shakin'.  A tree branch fell outside, and Susie got scared again. It ain't no way for my babies to live, so it's time for Granny's arms.

Everybody's scared these days, not just my little one, Susie.  But she's the one right here with me, and this old heart knows bein' scared ain't good for anyone.

The storm was down the street aways.  We all heard about it too, and folks were worried the trees would fall on top of us, even though we was far away.  We knew a storm could come to Cloutierville, but the Mayor said just let him do his job.  But some folks, they just watch that television all the time, so Susie's wakin' every night, like the storm was right outside.

The trees were tied up strong and straight, but everyone knew they could blow down again here or somewhere else.  Or some rascal kids from a nearby town could saw a branch, and the roof would cave just like it did in the schoolhouse in Natchitoches one night.  But people acting' now like it's happening  right outside, when the storms, they always come.

So I gives Susie a cookie and a glass of milk, than says, "Storms and rain and thunder can really frighten us. Sometimes it's just a tree branch that falls down from the wind.  And sometimes branches pulled from trees are used by naughty folks to hurt and scare us everywhere.  And so what should we do?

"The Mayor of Cloutierville, well he's a real nice man, 'though some might think he's not.  Some folks, well they get angry, but then Granny knows his heart.  And he wants the people in this town to be safe as we can be.  There are people standing right outside, who listen, and they watch."

"So go to sleep my little one, for Granny's always here."

"And those kids that shook the branches so they fell down on the school?  Granny know they's bad, and that's for sure; and they'll be in her woodshed by and by,with the 'gators right outside.  But Granny knows those foolish, naughty children, they not like other kids.  I know your friends, well they won't let the new kids to move here and play, even though they weren't the ones who pulled those branches down.  And Granny, well she loves them just like you and doesn't want you to be scared or for them to be alone.  "Cause if you're scared you might miss out on having some new friends."..

"You see my little one, these storms in life, they come and go, you see, some big, some small and some that frighten us.  But if we worry all the time about the thunder even when there is no storm, we forget the trust we need. For the Man Upstairs stands guard over every babies bed,"

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