Monday, August 31, 2015

Trump tells Granny, "It's personal"

Donald Trump--wikimedia commons, March 2015
"Donald?  Yes, it's me, Granny.  Yes, you do have time for me."

That little Trump (we all called him that years ago because he was always talking up about himself and thinking he's so important and special, like he could trump anyone). So I decided to call him and give him a piece of my mind, cause after all he keeps saying he's too busy to visit but he ain't too busy to visit everywhere else  He tells me:

"Granny, I'm a very important person.  I got a lot of money and can buy anything I want, so I'm going to buy an office."

So I says, "What kind of office and what do you intend to do if you get one?  Is it going to be in Cloutierville?  After all everybody knows you here.  There's a little room next to Aunt Bessie's old house where you can have a desk and do whatever business you want, and you can have your old bed again I kept out in the garage."

"No, Granny, I don't mean that kind of office.  I am trying to buy the office of the President so America can be great again."  Little Donnie sounds so serious, 

"How you gonna do that?" I asked him.

"It's personal," he says.  

Just like little Donnie, answering the same way he did when he was in school and I asked him about his grades.  He'd say, "It's personal."  Then I'd find out from the teacher he failed arithmetic again. Maybe that's why he kept running out of money after he spent his allowance but was saying he had money anyway while he was trying to borrow from all the other kids.

"You been reading your Bible like Granny told you when you was little?"

"These are unfair questions, Granny," Donald sounds mad, and I can just see him right now with his mouth all puckered up and his eyes all squinty.  "I read it all."

"What's your favorite verse?"  Now he's quiet a bit (and that's different since he's always talking about himself so much no one can get a word in edgewise). Granny knows he always had his comic book inside the Bible all through church.

He says it again.  "It's personal."

And he's right cause we all know in Cloutierville that with Donald everything is personal, so how can he make America great when there's more to it than Donald.

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