Sunday, September 7, 2014

Granny Goes to Hawaii

Some of Granny's family in Hawaii
"What do you mean Granny can't go to Hawaii?  Granny is everywhere, and you gotta knows that by now."

"But we miss you," Piper says to me.

 "Well, how can you miss your Granny when you know I'm with you too, even when you can't see me" I tells her.  But Piper keeps cryin' because she's little, and she don't understand.  Most everybody else knows Granny can be anywhere at any time, when someone wishes she would come or even when there's trouble.  Love is everywhere, even when there's meanness, cause that's when folks might need me most of all is then.  And they need Granny too when they is happy, because being happy, that's for sharin' just like cakes and pies and everything that's sweet.

When Granny gets busy sometimes she don't write as much, but that don't mean I ain't got nothin' to say.  Not everything Granny knows or thinks gets written down somewhere, cause there is folks who just need quiet talks or hugs when there's no words.

"Are you ever comin' back to Cloutierville?" Piper asks me.  "Well Cloutierville is part of heaven," I remind her,"So I could be there anytime, just like I was before.  Or maybe I'll be in Hawaii, another paradise, like Cloutierville where everyone feels welcome.

For home is where the heart is, and  Aloha means that love that folks have there in Cloutierville, that can make a place a home.

"Now sit you down and listen," I says to Piper.  "There's catchin' up to do.  And a lot of good old common sense that Granny still can share."

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