Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Granny sends Ray Rice to the woodshed

Ray Rice, football player
"You don't want to be in that woodshed, Ray? Let's get one thing straight.  First you done hit her and knocked her down.  At least that's what them pictures were showin'.  Then you been whimperin' you're gonna stay strong for her.  Well, you ain't strong enough to get away from Granny cuz you done did a bad thing and now you think sayin' you're sorry is enough?.

"You hit her once, you says?  That hard?  Little Mr. Rice, I don't care what you sayin' cuz it's what you been doin' you gotta think about.  And she says that's okay now?  Well,  she won't be sayin' that the next time or it'll just keep goin' on"

"Cuz when you done hit a woman so hard you knock her out, it's likely you done some bad talkin' and hittin' before that folks just don't talk about.  You can't tell me you didn't do somethin' like that before, when it was so hard she fell down and then you just dragged her out that elevator door like some old piece of garbage.  Looked real bad to me and a whole lot of other folk."

"But Granny, you knows I love her and I love you too.  I respect my Granny and my family.  It won't happen again, I promise." Ray says that, but Granny knows that's what folks say when they get caught, but it don't make the difference."

"Stop your sniveling and do your thinkin' and your prayin' for awhile."I tells Ray.  " You remember O.J. Simpson?  He was a big hero playing football too and went around hittin' his wife, and I kept tellin' him to stop and look where he is, people wonderin' 'bout that man for years.  It's time for you to show you really gonna change and after I let you out of the woodshed you can do some fixin' around here, and I won't be payin' you neither, since fancy clothes and fancy things, and playing football, well they don't make the man. "

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