Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Exercise your body not your mouth so much, says Granny

"Are you going to exercise with us?" she asked.  They were all sitting in the swimming pool right by the steps and talkin' stink about Brandy who wasn't even there to defend herself.

"No, I got lots of things to do today and don't have time for talk, especially the kind that makes fun of other people, even the President.  I didn't get my girlish figure by exercising my mouth and not the rest of me that needs to keep me moving.  And I guarantee if you do like I been doing you won't be havin' time to remember all the idle words you might be forgettin' when you have to cover up some lies."

Now they gets mad and I can hear them grumblin' as I swim away.  They is likely jealous of my britches and my cover up top and that pretty shower cap of mine that keeps my hair so fine.  Granny knows when folks tell stories bout other people they is gonna talk about her too and probably each other.

But they'll get their come-uppins by and by if Brandy learns what they been sayin', and they'll all have fat lips to match those backsides they don't exercise.

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