Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Granny has a solution to the government shutdown

Bet the family has been worried about old Granny here, but I been pretty busy.  I been spending time in Washington talking to those varmints, and it done tuckers me out.  But I gotta plan to get them going, if the rest of you don't get them first.

Now I ain't one of those folks who says, "Well, everyone's wrong," cause that's the coward's way out these days.  In any big fight, there's one guy that starts it.  And I think I done figured that out.

You see back in my day some of those same type of folks didn't want old folks to get what is that money us old folks get every month.  I don't get a whole lot, but picking pecans is sure hard work; and so some of the money I got was put in this pot and I was told I would get it when I was older.  Now some of those folks down in Washington, they didn't like the idea, and it's the same ones all over again, making it hard for me now.  Back in the times when Roosevelt was President, well those varmints learned from some of their friends they better get going and cooperate.  So then I got this help, or I'd be even poorer today.  This time they ain't budging, so I'm going to have to do something right now.

Granny, she don't like to gossip, and she don't like taking sides.  I just got my responsibilities like everyone else, and when folks start talking about taking some of my money and acting like I didn't earn it, well they got another think coming.

I'm getting Willy down the road to build me a bigger shed in my yard, and all of them varmints will be there until they get it all sorted out.  And anyone who takes all my money away, can get out of the shed for themselves, and better jump and run fast cause the alligator will just be outside the door.  Anyone who stands up for Granny and changes their minds, well, I'll get Willy to tie up the alligator so they can just go on their way.

It's time to stand up for Granny, cause that wood shed will be mighty big and shutting down the government like they has been doing is something that's just gotta stop..

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