Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Laugh a lot and cry when you need to, says Granny

"What happened to you, Dennis?" I asked my big tall grandson, whose all growed up and got his own babies.  But he isn't going to get away with hiding something from me.

"Nothing much," he said.  "But I could see his face was all screwed up and red and his eyes were wet and his hands kept moving around.

"Just had a little operation, some gall bladder stuff, but nothing to worry about.  I can handle.  I'm not the kind to complain."  Dennis looked away, and I could see he was hiding something.

"You is hurting, aren't you?"  He nodded his head no, but I can always tell when my Dennis trying to act like a man but isn't doing it smart or right.

"Well, a little, okay a lot, you know I can't lie to you, Granny.  But don't tell Mable Sue, my wife, cause she will get all worried and stuff, and I'm the man of the house, you know."  Dennis used to say that all the time when he was little and cried when he fell down or got hurt somewhere, so he ain't fooling me.   And Mable Sue, she knows too."

So I tells him, "You know you should laugh as much as you can.  And cry when you need to.  That's how I got old, and that's how you'l live a long time too..  When you hurting, say so and don't be afraid to say something, and even cry.  Go ahead.  You can right here, cause you know I is a safe place, but there's lots of people who knows what pain is and if you want to be a really big man you can let your men friends know what you been feeling and maybe they'll talk about their hurtin' too.  Cause you fellers don't, and that's the trouble.  We lose too many good men just because they don't cry when they need to and laugh as much as they can."

Dennis smiled, just a little, then leaned over and gave me a hug, "Sure Granny, but you know me.  It's tough to do all that."  And I know he's tough, but he'll be a lot stronger if he does what I just said.

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