Thursday, April 11, 2013

Granny's advice on post-partum depression and times of feeling sad

"Granny, I've been feeling so sad, I just can't stop crying sometimes.  My Bill keeps saying, "We have such a sweet baby, and I just don't understand what's got into you?"  And I gave her this advice.

I told Ginny Faye , "You see most new mamas go through this feelin' sad.  After all, you had a baby, and babies change things.  Remember you got bigger and felt different.  That's what happens with us women when we is having babies.  Then afterward we feel tired a lot, cause there's a lot more to do when those babies come along.  And then inside, things are different too.  I don't understand all the big words those doctors use, but I do know those things happen."

"But how am I going to get through all this?  I get so tired and cranky and Bill says he can't take it. "

Poor Ginny Faye, this is her first little one.  She is just a baby herself, not even 17 years old.  Then the feller she's living with lost his job last week.  Oh mercy me, it troubles this old heart to see how these young'uns get into a fix like this, cause back in my day, the whole family was around to help out.    Then there's those changes goin' on inside her, she don't understand.  I didn't understand either, but after a couple of babies, then you find out why you feel different like that."

So I tells her.  "First you got to eat right, cause I know sometimes you running around and forget to eat when you should.  Happens to old people too, and they gets sad like that.  So eat your vegetables, and don't eat all that fried meat and all, even though it takes real good, this isn't the time for that.  And have your breakfast, and all your meals.  Don't skip them."

Get outside and start moving around a little.  Get yourself some sunshine, even just a little, cause that can help too.  It will make you feel better, like when I went back picking pecans a little bit after that first baby I had.

And that Bill, if he ain't working, he ought to be helping you.  Ask him, and then talk to his folks a bit.  I know his mother Mary would want the two of you to be okay and she's happy about her grandbaby too.

Then come over and talk to me, cause talkin's gonna help.  Granny will give you a hug too, and you know how good you said you felt the last time Granny gave you one."

I hear Sally on the other end of the phone and she says, "Granny, can I bring the baby over just a little while, to get a little rest and talk a bit?  I already feel much better."

That's what Grannys they is for, those things that happen every day and those things that happen in the world that Granny has to do, but taking care of my babies with those hugs and love right here is the best thing this old woman can do to keep on going too.  Cause all the creatures of the earth, including the birds,  need love, especially when they're little or feeling sad sometimes.

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