Friday, April 12, 2013

Granny tells President Obama: Get your hands off my money!

"You're in trouble with me, Barry.  I wantmy money back you getting your hands on now, that's what me and a lot of people gave the government; and now we is going to be in big trouble.  But you gonna have trouble with me first.

If you think you got trouble, now, just wait until I get my hands on you.  No, Barry you ain't better than any other of my grandkids, even though you is the President.  Yes I still love you, but I want you to know that I is your Granny; and that's pretty important, like everybody knows.  So you better listen.

See that woodshed out there.  You know where that is.  It's for folks who don't listen to Granny and just keep on doing something I don't like.  And taking money that don't belong to the government when all those rich folks still driving their fancy cars and living in their fancy houses, that riles me up, and we is poor and getting poorer, now that ain't fair.  You said you tried to fix all that?  Well, try harder, cause there's lots of places to get money so you don't have to take mine and my friends money, especially when your people said there was enough to go around for us old folks for a long time.  For a lot of us that's all we got.

Us old folks and people who don't get around well and little children are the ones getting hurt.  You know that?  And those rich folks they ain't been helpin'.  No, charity does not begin at home either, cause lots of old folks can't get help from their children cause some don't have any and lots of their children  are gettin' too poor too.

You're too busy to talk to me?  Listen Mr. President Barack Obama, you ain't never too busy for me, you hear me?  Korea is bad, and I told Kim Jung-Un he's in big trouble with me.  That's no excuse for you not listening either.

That money, Social Security, well I don't get much, my being a pecan nut picker most all my life; and that's what I got to live on like lots of other folks.  And you ain't gonna get those Republicans to go along with anything more, so why are you still trying?  Remember I told you to stand up for what you believe.  You always worrying about being liked when you got business to do.  Yes, I know you want people to like you, but what's going to happen when you have to set out in that woodshed or get eaten up by that alligator in the yard?  Then you be no good to anybody."

Barry, he keeps butting in; but it's time for him to just sit back and listen and understand this Granny, cause the next time I ain't just talking.  He'll be in that woodshed until I'm pushing up daisies.

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  1. You told them Granny. HOORAY for you, Now listen up you boys, cause Granny means every word she says. Ain't no fooling our Granny. That's for show.