Sunday, April 28, 2013

Granny tells Gordie how politics should be like baking cake

"Granny, are you liberal or conservative?  You are always talking about taking care of folks and the Good Book, but what about your politics?"  I shook my head, cause lots of folks don't know bout cake and politics.

Gordie is always talkin' bout politics.  In fact these days Granny can't go no place without someone saying something bad about some politician.  And some of them been bad, for sure, cause they are sitting in the woodshed right now waiting for the paddle.

But I can't figure out why liberal and conservative folks just can't get along when politics should be like baking cake.

Granny's cake is for the whole family, not just a few who want to have it their way or they won't eat cake at all,  like Gordie and some of his friends.  Becky Sue has her own ideas, and they is different than Gordie.  I like them both and all their friends cause Granny is for everyone, just like the cake she bakes.  People like Granny's cake cause it tastes good, is good for them and cause they trust their Granny.  That's why politicians need to learn how to bake from me.

I save the good things I learned to put in my cakes from my Mama and my Granny,  that make grandbabies smile.  But when the cake is getting stale, I bake another one or change what I put in the cake to make it even better.

 I taught my grandbabies to look up words in the dictionary when they need to know what some words really mean.  Conservative is keeping good things that stay good a long, long time, like flour and the flavor.   But cake gets stale and dry and too much sugar ain't good for a body.  Besides flies get on a cake when we leave it out too long.  That's when we should be liberal.

So I found something new called Agave in Natchitoches, the town near Cloutierville, and mixed it liberally in my cake, which means I used a bunch of something new for me.  It tasted a little different than the cakes I made before, but it still tasted good.   I didn't use that sugar I used to put in my bread, cause the fruity stuff called Agave tasted sweet enough, but I kept the flour and vanilla flavoring and other good things to make the cake my Mama and my Grandma made all those years ago that folks have always liked.  Being liberal means the freedom to try out something that is new that just might make things better.

Some folks dress up their cake with lots of frosting so folks don't know it's bad.  But you can scrape off Granny's frosting and her cake will still taste good.

Politicians need to learn from Granny how to bake a cake so they know better how to make the rules for the rest of us, or Granny is gonna need another woodshed and a whole bunch more paddles.

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