Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Granny speaks of guns and The Rules

"Where do you live now, Granny?"  People they is always wondering.  Cloutierville, Louisiana a is where I growed up and learned my lessons and where my babies everywhere got to visit and get their loving.  But I live everywhere folks need me, since God watches me like he sees you; and I'm just doing what I been told.   Folks ask me if I don't need protection and whether I take a gun; so here's what I want you to know about that.

I got my eyes going and my ears popping since there is so much going on in the world, it gets hard to be everyplace at once, but that's why mamas have eyes in the backs of their heads and seem to know what's going on. I know people they is talking about having their guns to keep them safe, with all kinds of stuff going on.

In Cloutierville, I used to wait with my mama when them fellers came home after hunting to get us food for the winter.  Papa would bring home a pile of meat, and we would put it in the freezer and with the fresh vegetables my own mama and grandma canned and put in the pantry for winter, we never had much shopping to do.  They used guns to get that meat, then locked those guns away in a closet us kids couldn't get into.

And my Daddy didn't call his hunting a sport.  He just called it hunting, like he called fishing just fishing.  Guess he knew the difference between baseball and killing animals, and he took his chances with his friends, and my uncles, and didn't have guns with lots of bullets in them to shoot all at once.  Still every year those men got their deer, and every year we ate that food.

For Granny, food is one thing and babies are something else.  I guess some people just do what they want to do, and I ain't one to make their rules, cause there's good ones already made.  But I brought my babies up to love each other, and this old woman can't figure out why anyone would want to kill somebody, since we ain't eating people.  And when I go everywhere folks need me, and even at home, I got folks getting paid for helping me be safe.  Besides even though my Daddy taught me how to shoot, if I was sleeping someplace I don't think I could shoot as fast as someone wide awake looking at me first.

Granny's job is just to love and help her babies be safe.  Sometimes that means some scolding, and sometimes just a hug.  And what I believe  is hugging more and shooting less will makes us all more happy, just like in those small towns where I grew up.   Cause the rules made in the Good Book are the ones I think are best.

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