Monday, April 22, 2013

Granny speaks about Dzhokhar, her grandchild after all

Bombing at the Boston marathon, 2013, wikimedia commons
Byron rushed in after running down the street, into the house here asking, "Granny, I am so mad at Dzhokhar.  Bet you don't like him either.  He isn't one of us, is he?"

Sometimes Granny has to think a minute cause this is an important question.  After all, Byron is only 13 years old and asks a lot of questions.  And he also likes to talk a lot and tells everybody what he thinks.  When he gets mad, sometimes he uses his fists at school, and his teachers send me a note.  But he is asking about something really bad about Dzhokhar.

"Granny hurts right now.  Yes Dzhokhar is my grandchild too, and so he is in this family.  And he will get his scoldings and people are mad.  They should be mad, cause killing people and bombing and hurting them so bad is the worst thing you can do.  I am angry he did bad things, but he still is someone Granny loves regardless, even though it gets real hard when somebody does something so bad, it keeps me up at night.  It keeps me worrying about those people hurting.  And it keeps me up wondering why Dzhokhar would want to hurt people in a place where he was living and a place that gave him a life to live free also.  But sometimes we don't know why people do the bad things that we do.  Remember lots of your friends said he was a good boy, so we don't know now what happened that made Dzhokhar do such bad things."

"Well, I wish he was right here in front of me, right now.  Byron was really angry and shaking his fist.  "I would get my BB gun and shoot him in the face.  I would get my friends at school to hit him hard too, he deserves to get what he did to other people."

"I know you feel that way, " I said to Byron, knowing how hard it is to understand and think about how bad things make people get angry, so angry they want to hurt back.  But often that hurt goes on and on and on, and there's no stopping it.  One side does something bad, and people want to get even.  Then the other side starts throwing rocks and saying bad things back, and it keeps going on and on.  Besides, Granny knows people want the answers right away and sometimes I don't have them and mostly people don't know either, sometimes for awhile.  We need to wait awhile.  But you getting so angry and stayin' that way isn't good for you, cause when folks stay angry, most times they can't think straight."

"How can you love someone like that?"  Byron said.  And Granny wonders too sometimes, cause loving someone who does awful things is really very hard.  But Granny learned from the Good Book that loving and forgiving is what makes us what we need to be, if we are to do what the Man Upstairs told everybody else we have to do, the hardest thing of all.

"When someone is different in the way they act, or look, and when they don't seem to be like everybody we know that's trying to do good, well then it's hard to love them.  It's hard for Granny too.  But the Man Upstairs is the one I listen to in my heart, cause Granny is supposed to be for everyone and to love just like He told.    It's the hardest thing to do, but it's Rule #1 that really makes us strong and living like we supposed to live, like we try to do in Cloutierville."  I'm watching Byron, knowing he's wondering about that and whether it makes sense to him, and know it might not now, but one day it might be what he really needs inside.  Cause the world has lots of crazy things, and things that hurt a long, long time, but growing up means listening to that little voice inside, the Man Upstairs put there for us, to remind us of The Rule..

I watch my grandchild Byron scowl and leave the house, shaking his head and thinking bout what Granny said today.  Granny has to think about it too, cause she needs reminding like everyone else and sometimes feels alone when folks get angry hearing what she says about these things like that.  But that's what the Man Upstairs once said would really be hard to do, and so Granny just keeps trying to keep the family to be still awhile and listen to that little voice that everybody has, cause that's the voice that really makes us like we need to be.

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