Sunday, April 7, 2013

Granny reminds Charlene be careful what you say and write cause it can hurt you later

Charlene, my poor grandbaby.  There she goes again.  That word "fuck" is in every sentence, and I just read what she said about her new boyfriend.  I told her when she was young girl not to say or do anything she wouldn't want to see on the front page of a newspaper, but her and a bunch more of my grandbabies keep doing things I worry about will hurt them later on..

I see people putting up people putting up videos on that Net place,  showing women's private parts or them all tied up and naked, young people talking about making love and writing everything about it all over the place.  Then I sees this one picture with a woman looking real mean and holding an assault rifle pointed so it looked like it was coming right at me, and then words that said everyone should do what they want and have freedom. I see and hear all sorts of things like that.   And I worry cause when you write something down it's gonna stick.  And even when you just say stuff, it can come back and hurt you later.

This old granny loves all her babies and is proud of them all, so I just like seeing them do things that make this old heart smile.  Like sing and paint and write and love and be happy.   And remember if it ain't making me and a whole lot of other people smile, then maybe what you do just do it for yourself cause the rest of us want to remember that good we like in you.

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