Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pope Benedict confers with Granny on his retirement

 "Oh Granny, you told me when I retired we could talk a little and that it was going to be fun.  I'm already getting caught up on my mail and phone calls, after I closed my Twitter account.  Thought I would check in with you first."  That Ben (I used to call him Pope Benedict, cause he got that big job, but now he's like the rest of my babies and part of this community, just like he used to be.  So he's calling to tell me how he's doing, cause we decided he'd wait until he left the Vatican so we could have a real nice chat.

That Ben, what a surprise he gave folks, by deciding to leave as Pope.  But he did tell me, of course, since he knows I would find out soon enough.  Besides all my children, no matter, know they can't get away with hiding things from Granny.   And that Ben, well he's a good feller; but that job is tough being Pope.  And yes, I called him Pope Benedict XVI like everyone else, cause Lord have mercy we all need to respect someone who does all that work.

"Are you saying your prayers, young man, like I taught you?"

Ben laughed a minute and said, "Of course, Granny.  That's what I said I would do, and I did it for a couple hours this morning. "

So I says to him, "Here's what you need to do, cause you gotta have some way of figuring out what to pray for first.  Just check in here first thing in the morning, before you even get dressed, so I can tell you where the trouble is, cause after all no one and nothing gets past these eyes and ears."

He thanked me, that Ben, God bless him.  Hope he listens, but I think he will.  After all, he knows where he got his learning about the Good Book at this very knee, where all the rest of my folks have been.  And you don't need to be Catholic, no sir.  There's place at this knee for everyone.

Glad to have Ben around again, as it wasn't easy getting through to him with all that fancy stuff and all.  Now he won't have no excuse for not knowing what's going on..  And time to pray for all those little children too that need to have those prayers.  And time to reflect on who didn't help them long ago before those babies got hurt.


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  1. So now it's clear who has been mentoring the pope - and whether that played a role in his calling quits to papacy.