Sunday, March 10, 2013

Medical mistakes too many, Granny complains

She died in her chair yesterday morning.  She had been in the hospital a week, and they sent her home and said she'd be okay.  But she got sicker in the hospital, and I am sick and tired that my friend Mavis is gone, leaving those big bills and got nothing much for it.

The doctor said she had pneumonia.  They kept her in the hospital and said they gave her treatment, a bunch of pills, and some therapist that came in too.  But then Mavis she got this infection, and she told me the day before she died, how she complained.  Still everyone said she should go home, and when they found the infection she was already dead.

And the bill is big.  Bernie said he don't know how he is going to pay for it.  His children are still in school, and their house needs fixing.  They can't do that fixing cause they got all those bills.

Mavis is being buried here.
I read somewhere that the United States pays more for taking care of sick people than any other country in the world.  Still old people don't live as long as they do in  France or England or Canada.  And people keep getting infections too.  They says they make mistakes.  Too many of them, folks say.   And some people want to do away with the lawyers, but then that makes trouble too.  Cause when these medical people make mistakes, then who's gonna catch them?  One doctor says, these hospitals just manage disease, not helping teach people how to stay well.  And they got problems when they is not as clean, and they get crowded and people don't pay attention.

Some people are makin' poor people and old people to pay even more, so how are old folks to keep healthy when they don't get help and nobody's watching what happens.

I'm going down to that hospital tomorrow and have a good talking to them folks.  I think when they know Granny is coming, they might feel sorry, cause they is gonna be a lot sorrier if they don't tell the truth about what happened to Mavis and them other people who pay a lot of money and then die anyways.   Just hope I can get some help on this, cause being an old lady, I knows when it's my turn, I'm gonna need the whole family to be watching out for me.

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