Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ketchup Ain't No Vegetable

Polly put the ketchup on her eggs in the morning, and then put a bunch on her potatoes too.

At lunch Granny saw her put ketchup on her hot dog and on her pork and beans.

At dinner, there was Polly putting ketchup on her rice and then asked for more for the chicken.

Granny said, "Child, why are you eating so much ketchup?"

Polly said, "Someone told me there was this President that said ketchup is a vegetable.  My teacher in my health class said we should eat five servings of vegetables every day.  So that's what I did.  I put ketchup on everything."

Polly is a poor child that lives up the street.  She has to get her lunch in the school cafeteria.    The school said those babies get all that good food to eat, including all them fresh vegetables.

A couple years ago some folks in Washington tried to fix all that, cause they was worried that these babies weren't getting their proper food.  But they never did fix that after all, and Polly says when they has pizza the tomato paste counts as a vegetable too.

Think Granny will have a set to with those folks in Washington, since this old lady knows the difference between a carrot and ketchup; even if those darn fool folks who run the government don't.

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  1. You know you right on that Granny, Them folks could learn a thing or two from us down here in the country, cause they don't know a thing, if they knew as much as they think they did, we would'nt be in the fix this country is today. I wonder what they think the Good Book will say when they get to go up yonder one day, and it's open to the yellow pages with their names on them.