Saturday, March 2, 2013

Granny teaches sales caller a lesson

Granny's phone
"Are you Granny?  Are you paying too much for insurance?  Do you want a rate plan that will fit your budget?"

Well, now it's dinner time on Sunday and someone calls and wonders if it's me here.  Who else would it be with this number I've had nigh on to 50 years.   Anybody knows Granny doesn't change her number no matter where she is.  So why would someone be asking?

"Do I know you?" I asks.  And the feller he says, "I'm from SAP Insurance Company, just trying to save you money today."

So I says, "Listen, what you doing calling me on a Sunday when I just getting ready for choir practice at the church?  If I need saving anywhere, I got good sense.  And what you doing calling me at dinner when you don't even know me?"

"You don't understand----" he starts again, but this time I got it figured out.  I just put the phone down and go have my dinner, then I wash the dishes and watch a little television.  After that I read some stories to my grandbabies, say my prayers, then pick up the phone; and you know that feller was gone.  I say calling someone you don't even know on a Sunday, trying to sell something when a body is busy, well no sense wasting my time.  Let the feller sit there and waste his.


  1. Good to see you back Granny.

  2. Nice to stay put for awhile. Got these folks who need me here right now. Love my little grandbaby Kevin