Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lock the gate from hurting words

"F----k you, you b---tch.  You been acting like a wh---, and I ain't going to listen to your g----n crap."
Buster's at it again and needs to listen to Granny and read the sign outside the gate.

"I heard you just a minute ago, talking to Beth.  You been using those bad words again, like you said you wouldn't do.  Remember about those words in vain and what you learned when you was a boy."I said to Buster, who's lookin' at his Granny with his eyes all burning fire.

"And don't you look at me like that.  You hear me, child?  And no apologizing ain't enough.  You do that all the time, and then you get mad again and talk like that.  I hear you kick the cat outside and get mad and cuss when the car won't start and all.  You have to be proud and care about yourself, cause that kind of talk you been doing will get you in trouble someday.  It might could be you lose your Beth and all, but it might be worse than that.  You could lose your life, then have to deal with the Man Upstairs who's been shaking His Head to what he's had to listen to all these years from you.  And you know the sign outside that tells folks how to behave in Cloutierville?  Wait til you read the one Upstairs.

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  1. This speaks to me & I said a prayer for God to forgive me & help me clean up my bad language that I use when I'm upset.Thanks, Granny!