Thursday, March 15, 2012

Granny asked to be a model for golden girls fashions

"Hello, Granny.  This is Beth Allison at Golden Girl's Fashions, and we want you to be the new face of our products, as older women are looking for models to show that aging isn't so bad after all."  Well, I'm thinking on this, cause Lester says no one's got a shape like mine and I ought to show it off so other women don't feel so bad about getting old.

Maybe it's time for women to stop lying about their age and men to stop fibbin' about how much money they have.  So someday Lester might be the face of Forbes, since he ain't got much money and still he's doing fine.

I hear tell that there's some 90-year old woman who got herself in the news by being old and showing off her looks.  So Elmer tells me I ought to do the same.  He says those young ones are cute and all, still it takes time to get those curves all right and fine, and in the shape of things to come.  Lots of us old folks feel a lot younger than we really are, so why not show those folks who worry about their age how handsome they can be.

So I'm looking for some good-looking women over 60 to get in line with me since we aren't getting any younger, as they say.  But that's no problem either since there's enough folks getting older and feeling better all the time so it won't worry those young folks when it happens to them too.

It's been a long time since I got dressed up except for Sunday church, and here's a picture of what we ought to look like when us women strut our stuff.

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