Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Granny’s advice on being gay: Listen for His whistle

God wants us to be happy

“Granny, I am getting married next month.  I hadn’t got around to telling you, but you’re going to love Fred.  He’s wonderful, and he is so good to me.  I know you might not have known what was going on, but I’m gay.  I sure hope you understand.”

Bill is getting married next month, he tells me.   That child has always been a part of his Granny’s heart all of his born days.  He was the one who asked to carry the groceries for me when he saw me limping up the stairs one day when I fell down over at the corner, after tripping on some rock there in the roadway.  He was the one who used to take Bessie her mail and sit and talk with her every day, her being a shut-in and all.  And I stood beside him, watching him cry so hard when little Mark, a feller in the nearby town who didn’t have many friends, came around to Cloutierville to play and later on got sick and died with a cancer.  My little Billy, all growed up now and such a fine, young man, well there wasn’t a day gone by he wasn’t praying for that child.

“You are happy.”   I says to my Billy.   I hear it in his voice.  “That is what your Granny wants for you most of all, and for me to listen to the joy of those I love.  What I think about your business isn’t part of that.  What I believe is when you walk with the Man Upstairs just like this old Granny does ; and if you’re whistling cause you feel so good, the echo that you hear come back might be that Voice some folks can’t understand.  And that is judging people is His business after all.  

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