Monday, February 27, 2012

Granny speaks up about gun violence and schools

"They been shootin' here," Granny, "And I get scared to send my kids to school."  Well Lord have mercy what's going on these days, Granny just don't know; but what she does know is that school is for learning and what's going on right now just don't seem right, for sure.

"Ben, you know I told you long time ago 'bout those rifles of yours, and that little Dennis can get inside and get your gun sometimes.  Your great grandpa, well he always kept his guns locked up..  He said, 'You raise kids right, but sometimes you ain't finished with their raisin' cause they got a mind of their own.  And sometimes they don't use it like they should.  And your Grandpa, Lester, he says, "Well sometimes those babies are too little and just copy what they see other folks do on t.v. and stuff like that."

But Ben, he gets all upset about his guns and all, there in Ohio, so scared someone will take them away.  It gets too political, all that talk about guns.   And he wants his boys to go out hunting with him and all of that; and he talks about his rights.  So he says, "Granny, you just don't understand.  We have to make sure we have our rights and all, and I don't want them taken away.  I need to have my guns."

"Taking away your rights isn't what this talk is all about," I tells him, remembering how I stood with all those mothers, listening to their crying all these years, when babies they too young to understand.  "I just want my grandbabies to be safe wherever they may be, from shooting and from hurting all like that, just like what happened today."

I don't know if Ben listened, as I heard him hang up the telephone, saying something like this old woman here in Cloutierville don't understand those man things and all of that.  But I know that the Man Upstairs wants Granny to speak up again, no matter how many reminders it might take to keep our babies safe.

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