Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Granny’s advice on being gay: Listen for His whistle

God wants us to be happy

“Granny, I am getting married next month.  I hadn’t got around to telling you, but you’re going to love Fred.  He’s wonderful, and he is so good to me.  I know you might not have known what was going on, but I’m gay.  I sure hope you understand.”

Bill is getting married next month, he tells me.   That child has always been a part of his Granny’s heart all of his born days.  He was the one who asked to carry the groceries for me when he saw me limping up the stairs one day when I fell down over at the corner, after tripping on some rock there in the roadway.  He was the one who used to take Bessie her mail and sit and talk with her every day, her being a shut-in and all.  And I stood beside him, watching him cry so hard when little Mark, a feller in the nearby town who didn’t have many friends, came around to Cloutierville to play and later on got sick and died with a cancer.  My little Billy, all growed up now and such a fine, young man, well there wasn’t a day gone by he wasn’t praying for that child.

“You are happy.”   I says to my Billy.   I hear it in his voice.  “That is what your Granny wants for you most of all, and for me to listen to the joy of those I love.  What I think about your business isn’t part of that.  What I believe is when you walk with the Man Upstairs just like this old Granny does ; and if you’re whistling cause you feel so good, the echo that you hear come back might be that Voice some folks can’t understand.  And that is judging people is His business after all.  

Monday, February 27, 2012

Granny speaks up about gun violence and schools

"They been shootin' here," Granny, "And I get scared to send my kids to school."  Well Lord have mercy what's going on these days, Granny just don't know; but what she does know is that school is for learning and what's going on right now just don't seem right, for sure.

"Ben, you know I told you long time ago 'bout those rifles of yours, and that little Dennis can get inside and get your gun sometimes.  Your great grandpa, well he always kept his guns locked up..  He said, 'You raise kids right, but sometimes you ain't finished with their raisin' cause they got a mind of their own.  And sometimes they don't use it like they should.  And your Grandpa, Lester, he says, "Well sometimes those babies are too little and just copy what they see other folks do on t.v. and stuff like that."

But Ben, he gets all upset about his guns and all, there in Ohio, so scared someone will take them away.  It gets too political, all that talk about guns.   And he wants his boys to go out hunting with him and all of that; and he talks about his rights.  So he says, "Granny, you just don't understand.  We have to make sure we have our rights and all, and I don't want them taken away.  I need to have my guns."

"Taking away your rights isn't what this talk is all about," I tells him, remembering how I stood with all those mothers, listening to their crying all these years, when babies they too young to understand.  "I just want my grandbabies to be safe wherever they may be, from shooting and from hurting all like that, just like what happened today."

I don't know if Ben listened, as I heard him hang up the telephone, saying something like this old woman here in Cloutierville don't understand those man things and all of that.  But I know that the Man Upstairs wants Granny to speak up again, no matter how many reminders it might take to keep our babies safe.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Granny speaks of alligators and politics

“They love me, Granny.  They really, really do.”  Rick was so excited about  winning those Republican primaries, so he says, “You gonna help campaign for me, right?”  Then President Barry, he calls and asks me the same thing.  But I tells them about the alligators and how you can’t swim around them and not risk getting bit.

Politics is silly business, not like here in Cloutierville where folks we know each other, and when things get out of hand, we all get busy and clean things up.  Lord have mercy, we have problems lots of times, getting the roads fixed and the bridges repaired.   So we get together, put out some money, and get things done, not like those folks in Washington who yell so loud at each other, no one can tell what’s right or not, what they been thinking or whether they been thinking straight at all.  Around these parts we don't kick the can down the road.

Those politicians act more like alligators who got  a blind spot in front of them  and end up fighting everything when they get cranky, and so we got to watch our backsides when we swim in those waters so we don’t get eaten up or fighting with each other just to stay alive.

And Rick and Barry?  God love them both.  Their Granny always will.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Granny talks about getting old and what that really means

“I’m never going to get old,” Mary Sue tells me, as she tells me that age 50 is the new 30.  “You’re only as old about as you feel,” she says, like Granny hasn’t heard that before.  But I got something to tell that girl about getting old.

“I am old,” I remind her.  “And I really am.  That’s nothing to worry about either.  You can sure want to stay pretty and smart, like you are.   Getting old is something that happens to everyone, unless you die along the way.  Your body changes, and your life goes in all different directions.  People come in and out of your life, like the wind in Natchitoches Parish during hurricane season.  Along the way, some of those changes might open the door to new things that are good for you.  You have more time to spend with folks you love.  You can read all those books at the library you been saying you don’t have time to read.”

“I am old, unless someone thinks I’m going to live until I’m 150, cause I’m not middle-aged as well.  Old doesn’t mean worn out or useless, it just means more time to grow, to change and to learn new things.  Even if you feel old, which means to most folks they got their rheumatism or their pain somewhere, you always have something inside you that can keep you thinking about tomorrow, no matter what.  Still getting old means working at looking up,  not down someplace, where your chin is or your tummy sags today.

“I am old and happy I got here with all of my loved ones, to see behind me all the things that have happened for many years, and ahead until the Man Upstairs tells me it’s time to sweep His floor.  I look forward to that as just like getting old is something that makes me smile today and love my life no matter where it takes me next, as I hope the same for you.”