Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stealing Granny’s name

Zuber Buhler Fritz - The Cherry Thieves

“You can’t cash my check here?  I been shopping here for years,” I told the clerk at Wal-Mart but she tells me somebody may be using my name, and she just has to make sure, since I don’t have the proper identification.

“What’s proper?” I asks her, “Well, something with your picture on it. “ she says, but everyone knows Granny in these parts around Cloutierville and all around the world.  This is silly business, but if folks are stealing my name and using it wrong, well then I just gotta be careful.  But what’s a body to do when she don’t drive and this check business needs my picture.

So Bert he comes right around the corner and says, “You know I’ll vouch for this lady, and here’s my picture and driver’s license too. “  The clerk grumbles, and the manager comes along, some feller from my church who knows his Granny, and he nods and grins as he’s taking care of business.  But that business of using Granny’s name, well that’s a different thing, and I hear tell it happens lots of times.   It’s stealing, that’s what it is.  Stealing from Granny is really being bad.   I hear tell it happens to us old folks quite a bit. 

There’s only one Poke Salad Granny, no matter how many folks might tell you they is me.  You’ll always know me by that pretty dress I’m wearing, but most of all those aprons from my kitchen that remind the world it’s cupcake time again.

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