Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stand for something so you don’t fall down and get hurt

Butch, that boy he really likes his buddies; but yesterday they was up in the trees, when it was foggy,  throwing rocks at  Mr. Choctawbush, and Granny knows if Butch don’t stand up now, he’ll  fall right on his head.

“Oh, granny, “ I was just havin’ fun like everybody else,” says Butch.  “My friends they say the feller smells real bad and isn’t like the rest of folks in Cloutierville at all.  So why not have a little fun?”

That Butch, he sure thinks he's smart, but this old Granny worries that he might fall down and get hurt if he stays in those trees where the boys think no one sees what they is doing.  But Granny she’s got eyes right in the back of this old head and knows the Man Upstairs has got them even more and sees in all directions all the time.  And when we want to really stand up high, we need to get up on those Great Shoulders so we can see what’s comin’ next and not get hurt ourselves.  We can also help other folks know which way to go as well, and that means things like throwin' rocks at folks that we don't know.

I explains this all to Butch, but he just shakes his head and says to Granny, “You don’t understand.  The world is changin’, and you got to catch up.”  Granny knows that some change, well that’s good for sure, but when it knocks you over then it’s time to just stand up. Just like that old cowboy song, it says  like this, what Granny does, "If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

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