Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Politicians speeches aren't the "Sermon on the Mount"

Sermon on the Mount by I.Makarov

"Granny, you gonna vote for me, right?" Bert asks me, telling me, "You know the minister down the road told his congregation Sunday that I'm the better man."  And Granny has to wonder what this world is coming to when folks want her to take sides, even in a church.

"Me, I like to go to church in Cloutierville for lots of real good things" I says to Bert.   "I sees my friends around and know they's there to feel the Man Upstairs inside.  But having a politician make those speeches and then saying a minister is telling me how to vote?  Well land a-goshin' I just can't figure out what this old world is comin' to these days."

"You see this Granny has this family that has lots of ideas about who they like and don't.  And Granny loves them all, cause that's what a a really good Sermon I read a lot tells me I should do.  I'm just here to let those whippersnappers not get out of line, the bunch of them, just like I did when they was babies.  But now they all grown up, I just let them know when they get out line from those Good Words that everyone should care about, more than what some politician thinks they ought to be.  Those whipper snappers don't remember the snap of the whip they need."

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