Monday, January 9, 2012

Obama told he's ignoring his Granny

Guest house for the Obamas in Cloutierville, Louisiana near Poke Salad Granny
I said,  "Put Barry on the phone. Yes, he knows who I am; and if he can't remember, well that's what this is all about.  It's about that visit to Hawaii he made for vacation, ignoring his folks in Cloutiervile, Louisiana and his poor old Granny here.  Yes, I knows he's President; but he's still got business with me."

Getting through to that young-un, Barry,  I swear, gets harder every day.  But his going to Hawaii when Cloutierville is a paradise right here, well, that just will not do.  Besides the last time he called, he told me there was important business with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, and there still is..  Well that other feller, he's gonna hear from his Granny too.

"If my Barry is too busy to talk with his Granny right now, I wants you to tell him it's a whole lot cheaper to get here than some fancy place like Hawaii.  And I hear tell he been thinkin' bout Hawaii or Chicago for his Presidential library.  That feller he sure done got a big head on his shoulders if he didn't think that library ought to be in the town where him and all his friends grew up.  Now there is friends and family in Cloutierville and a bed at Granny's house.  He could even bunk at the house down the street, my neighbor says; but that's a lot more expensive than stayin' with Granny.  And if he's as good as these other grandbabies around this town, or even some of them up in Natchitoches, and other parts where folks are tryin', he just might get a cupcake."

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