Saturday, January 7, 2012

Learning how to love from children

Interracial couple in Portland, Oregon
"She's going to marry him," she says, Betty is all upset about her daughter Bonnie marrying Boudreaux down the road.  "He ain't like us.  He's Cajun,  and what about the children?"  And I wonder how that liberal gal who says she loves everyone and believes they all is equal can't see what's right in front of her for what it really is.

"Betty, we got this Good Book on the shelf; and sometimes Granny worries that it often isn't read." I tells her cause Betty needs to know what lies ahead.    "That's why I took that book down and read to my grandbabies all around the world every night as they was growing up cause there are problems all the time that happen in our lives.  How we learn to solve them can come from that Good Book.  But you can get some answers too if you just think about how special is all life and how life itself grows even when we think it don't, as our children move right past like their parents they could not.  They is doing it here and even in Oregon where Granny has family too."

"You see those young ones, they don't care like many of the rest of people do.  They see someone they love, and they don't look at colors and those other differences of people in making up their minds.  They make mistakes like their moms and dads, oh Lord, I watched that too.  Still they is growing up in ways that many folks did not.  Remember that Good Book says we all should love like little children do and grow up with that kind of love inside."

"I worry about those children, and I hope you're right, dear Granny," Betty said as she got ready to go back to New York home today.  And Granny knows that somewhere in that time ahead for Betty, those grandbabies she might have will be a way of light for her, as mine have been for this old Granny here.

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